• Jan:
  • Asia-Pacific Telecom becomes Taiwan's first service provider to terminate 3G services and offer fully 4G mobile broadband.
  • Apr:
  • APT begins upgrading equipment used on the 700MHz band and installing more 2600MHz band base stations to boost user Internet speeds.
  • May:
  • 1. APT deploys its "Intelligent" line of services consisting of five options that make starting a business easier.
  • 2. As the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) takes to the market, APT becomes the first service provider to offer eSIM services.
  • 3. APT becomes the first Taiwan-based service provider to become GSMA-certified for NB-IoT and LTE-M technology.
  • 4. APT became the first service provider to receive National Communications Commission permission to deploy a test 5G network.
  • Jun:
  • 1. APT introduces the intelligent robot Pepper to Taiwan's four largest train stations.
  • 2. APT takes the lead with the next generation of communications networks by adhering to the latest Release 15 specifications for 5G communications released by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project.
  • 3. APT launches NB-IoT services across its network and introduces both NB-IoT and eMTC technologies.
  • 4. APT launches Taiwan's first hybrid cloud with eASPNet and VMware.
  • Jul:
  • 1. APT is awarded responsibility for over half of the Environmental Protection Administration's Smart City Air Quality Monitoring System projects.
  • 2. APT begins to offer consumers the option of ordering a phone plan or device online, and picking up the product at a 7-Eleven at a time convenient to them.
  • Aug:
  • 1. APT teams up with Logitech to tap the burgeoning cloud video- and web-conferencing market. Working through their respective distribution channels, the two firms expect cooperation to lead to many new business deals.
  • 2. In an industry first, APT offers customers access to the ETMall shopping network.
  • 3. APT introduces second-generation micro base stations that convert external 700/900 MHz signals to 2600MHz to improve indoor signal strength and coverage.
  • Oct:
  • 1. APT teams up with Nuwa Robotics to introduce Kebbi, a top of the line AI robot whose programming is a mix of the educational and fun, and who provides companionship.
  • 2. APT 4G customers top 2 million.
  • 3. APT becomes the first Taiwan operator to offer support for the Apple iPhone eSIM technology by developing state of the art eSIM technology.
  • Nov:
  • The NCC approves APT's 5G test network ahead of schedule. The non-standalone network employs a 100MHz tranch of 3.5GHz 5G spectrum.
  • Jun:
  • With the termination of 2G service at the end of June, APT reallocates the 910-915 MHz spectrum to 4G services. With a wider spectrum allocation, 4G speeds are increased.
  • May:
  • APT upgrades its nationwide network and makes access available at the $399 and $699 price points. Both packages come with unlimited 4G Internet access, the main difference being guaranteed download speeds.
  • Sep:
  • The National Communications Commission grants permission for APT to shut down its 3G network as of December 31, 2017.
  • Nov: APT introduces micro base stations to reduce signal loss indoors.
  • Dec:
  • 1. APT terminates 3G service on December 31.
  • 2. Taiwan's first private-sector high-performance computer is put into operation. At its introduction, the machine is three times faster than any other on the island, clocking in at a maximum of 6 petaflops. Its modules can be configured to serve a variety of calculating purposes at different speeds.
  • 3. Foxconn and Intel sign a memorandum of understanding on establishing a multi-access edge computing platform for 5G Internet technology. Linked to APT's network, the platform makes for a competitive facial-recognition solution.
  • Mar:
  • APT introduces VoLTE services to improve voice-call quality by reducing noise. This also reduces caller send time to one second. The introduction of this service means customers can use both 4G Internet services and voice calls without the two interfering with each other.
  • May: APT 4G customers top 1 million.
  • Jun:
  • APT becomes the first operator to introduce voice over Wi-Fi calling, allowing for free voice calls to be used by customers studying or working anywhere in the world without needing to install an app. Enabling customers to use their regular phone interface to dial preset numbers, the service saves customers on expensive international dialing fees. APT also launches Gt TV Internet, opening up expanded OTT services to both customers and the general public.
  • Aug:
  • The nation's first Internet of Things network is launched—"IoT by Gt." By creating lateral industry networks, APT offers a complete IoT environment, laying the foundation for Taiwan to become a "smart nation."
  • Oct:
  • In an important step forward for the firm's "Gt Smart Living" services, APT introduces the semi-humanoid robot Pepper to Taiwan. The robot is deployed at APT locations around Taiwan to assist with product introductions and sales.
  • Dec:
  • APT introduces the arrival of free voice calls to Taiwan with the Nationwide Net at the NT$999 price point. This package gives customers free mobile telephony to fixed-line and mobile phones for both in- and out-of-network connections, as well as unlimited 4G Internet access.
  • May:
  • Gt Intelligent Life Pavilion flagship store opened at Syntrend, where the convenience and pleasure afforded by Asia-Pacific Telecom’s core strengths—services in eight intelligent living sectors across 11 platforms—are highlighted.
  • Jun: Audit commission established
  • Jul:
  • One Nation, One Network" launched, the first-ever program, by any service provider, to break down the walls between in-network and out-of-network calling, with the first five minutes of every call being free.
  • Jun:
  • AMBIT, a member of Hon Hai (Foxconn) Technology Group (Hon Hai) , participating in the private placement of APT was approved by the shareholder's meeting and it was going to acquire 14.99% of shares at first phase.
  • Jul:
  • Mr. F. M. Lu, the director and vice president of Hon Hai, took over as the chairman and general manager of APT.
  • Aug: The merger plan of APT & AMBIT was approved formally by the special shareholders meeting.
  • Sep: APT established the strategic alliance with Taiwan Mobile, to share the network resources from each other.
  • Oct: APT was issued the 4G concession license for 700 band by NCC, Taiwan.
  • Dec: APT launched the brand of 4G, "Gt 4G", and started its running.
  • Mar :
  • Ms. Sophia Chiu, Chairman and concurrent President , served as full-time Chairman, and the post released, President, was took over by Mr. Huan-Guo Chi, former CEO.
  • May : The board of TWSE reviewed and approved the initial public offering of Asia Pacific.
  • Aug : Asia Pacific was officially listed on August 5.
  • Oct :
    • To comply with the rules of initial public offering, new board and supervisors (including 3 independent directors) were elected by the special shareholders meeting. Ms. Sophia Chiu was elected as Chairman of 6th Board again.
    • EVDO high-speed mobile data network service started its running formally.
  • Mar :
  • The first interactive multimedia telecom store in Taiwan was established and the value-added service based on "Asia Pacific" was launched.
  • Apr : The number of users exceeded 3 million.
  • May : Consolidated "Asia Pacific Online" to make the goal of integration of three major broadband businesses.
  • Sep : The first interactive multimedia telecom store in Southern Taiwan was established.
  • Oct :
  • The certifications, "ISO27001 Information security management system (ISMS)" and "NCC ISO27011 additional auditing", were passed, achieving international information and communication security standards.
  • Dec :
  • Registered in Gretai Securities Market officially, gaining the access to public capital market.
  • The first interactive multimedia telecom store was established, to link among Northern, Central and Southern while promoting "Asia Pacific" mobile telecom service actively.
  • Feb :
  • Asia Pacific signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Coolpad, a smartphone manufacturer in China, to promote the solution of calling across the strait with the same number without extra monthly fee by means of the dual-mode/dual-standby smartphone, targeting the business communities calling between the strait frequently.
  • Apr :
  • Asia Pacific signed a syndicated loan of 3.5 billion NTD with Chinatrust Commercial Bank and The Bank of Taiwan. The capital is used to pay back the bridge loan granted by Chinatrust and to increase mid-term working capital. It ensured a stable capital source for Asia Pacific over next 5 years.
  • Jun :
  • Annual shareholders meeting 2010 started with a presentation on the business performance in 2009 by Chairman, Ms. Sophia Chiu, followed by the ratification of articles of incorporation along with the election of new directors and supervisors. The first meeting of 5th board was then convened immediately by the director, Ms. Sophia Chiu, who garnered the highest vote total. With the support from the newly elected directors, Ms. Sophia Chiu, the legal representative of TECO Electric & Machinery Co. (TECO), was elected as Chairman again.
  • Jul :
  • The number of user exceeded 2.6 million and "Global Roaming with One Number" was launched exclusively. Communication roaming among 245 countries and regions in the world was available of Asia Pacific customer.
  • Jan : The number of user exceeded 1.81 million.
  • May :
  • The number of user exceeded 2 million and high-end phone with touchscreen was introduced for the first time.
  • Sep : Asia Pacific got IPO successfully.
  • Oct : Asia Pacific reached a compromise with Deutsche Bank AG to settle the lawsuit down.
  • Dec : The number of user exceeded 2.3 million.
  • Jan :
  • Mr. Chun-Tian Lai resigned from the Chairman, Executive Director and General Manager. The appointment of the person from TECO as Chairman was recommended. The Department of Commerce of MoEA approved the appointment of Ms. Sophia Chiu as the Chairman of Asia Pacific.
  • Apr : Asia Pacific accomplished its capital reduction to 32.84 billion NTD.
  • Jun : The number of users exceeded 1.5 million.
  • Jul : Asia Pacific suspended its capital increase temporarily.
  • Sep : Asia Pacific broke even in operating income.
  • Feb :
  • The government invited Mr. Chun-Tian Lai to serve as acting Chairman of both Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom (APBT) and Asia Pacific Mobile Broadband Wireless Communications (APMBWC), to reorganize the companies and create new business opportunities.
  • Mar :
  • Mr. Chun-Tian Lai served as the Chairman of both APBT and APMBWC officially. Board and new management team were reshuffled.
  • Apr :
  • The annual shareholders meeting ratified the project regarding public offering and reshuffled 33 directors and 5 supervisors. These inspired the new atmosphere to the governance and reorganization of corporate.
  • May : The merger of APMBWC and APBT was ratified by the board of APBT.
  • Jun :
  • APMBWC and APBT were consolidated, to achieve operational synergy of Fixed Mobile Conversion (FMC).
  • Jul :
  • Capital reduction and increase and the name changing to Asia Pacific Telecom (Asia Pacific) were ratified by the board meeting.
  • Oct :
  • Capital reduction and increase and the name changing to Asia Pacific Telecom (Asia Pacific) were ratified by annual shareholders meeting.
  • Dec : The name of company is officially changed to Asia Pacific Telecom (Asia Pacific).
  • Dec : The number of user of APMBWC exceeded 1 million, vowing to be the top 3G operator in Taiwan.
  • May :
  • Completed the setup of 1 million PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) in Taiwan and passed the examination by the regulator.
  • Dec : Cooperated with Taichung City Government, build the first WiMAX wireless broadband city in Taiwan.
  • Jun :
  • The shareholders meeting approved the name changing to Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom Co., Ltd. (APBT).
  • Aug :
  • Integration and establishment of the Asia Pacific Telecom Group (APTG) formed a broadband communication triangle and achieved operational synergy.
  • Nov : Provided a versatile "Metro Ethernet service", enterprise broadband solution.
  • Jul :
  • APMBWC started its running in CDMA2000 system, turning the company into the first operator to adopt 3G in Taiwan.
  • Feb :
  • APMBWC acquired the Type E License with the largest bandwidth among 3G operating licenses in 10.57 billion NTD.
  • Dec :
  • APMBWC cooperated with SK Telecom, the major mobile service provider in Korea, to introduce successful 3G mobile service and promote 3G into commercialization jointly, enhancing the quality of telecommunication service in Taiwan.
  • Jan :
  • The backbone network around Taiwan, regional network with 150,000 PSTN numbers and telecommunication facilities were completed. After all inspections passed, the company received the first operating license for private network service in Taiwan.
  • Mar :
  • Service was started. Comprehensive broadband telecommunication services, such as "005 international direct call", "1805 domestic and long-distance call", "Sweet Card for international call", ADSL Internet, leased line, virtual private networks(VPN) and Internet data centers(IDC) were all provided based on the competitive advantages in the broadband communication service.
  • Jun :
  • Connection with Chunghwa Telecom network and other mobile telecommunication providers was established. The"005 international direct call" and "1805 domestic and long-distance call" were launched, turning the company into the first private fixed network provider in Taiwan which offered long-distance and international call service.
  • Sep :
  • Assisted establishing e-government service in Taipei and Kaohsiung and dial-up internet for free was available for the citizen in Taipei.
  • Nov :
  • The network connections with other mobile communication providers in Taiwan were completed. Over 20 million mobile phone users in Taiwan all could access to convenient "005 international direct call". Reinvested and established APMBWC with a paid-in capital of 16.02 billion NTD and participated in the bidding of 3G operating license.
  • Mar :
  • A team was organized to apply for "Fixed-line Network Operating License " and the application was passed.
  • Apr :
  • The Permit for establishment of "Combined network services" was issued by Ministry of Transportation and Communications.
  • May :
  • APBT, the first one among three companies approved running "Fixed network service", was established officially. Upon the official permit received, several projects, such as "Optical fiber network", "Regional network", and telecommunication facilities, were started.
  • Aug : A preparatory team to acquire 3G mobile operating license was organized.
  • Dec :
  • An investment agreement was signed to take over the third largest ISP in Taiwan, Asia Pacific Online Service Co., Ltd. (APOL).
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