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Affordable and uncomplicated rate solutions


Asia Pacific is the leader company in Taiwan to introduce a rate solution which emphasizes "free in-net calls". The goal is to provide customer with inexpensive telecommunication service and ensure that mobile communication rate is affordable for everyone, so as to achieve the goal of "Offering universal telecommunication services and best value access services", advocated by National Communications Commission.

In addition, Asia Pacific has designed various rate solutions, such as "Give me five for free" with monthly rates of NT$ 350/550/750, "Happy Talk" with monthly rates of NT$ 333/555/888, "Super 99" with monthly rate of NT$ 99, "International call 66/99" and " Global Roaming with One Number", etc. With these solutions that are affordable and uncomplicated, all age groups of consumer are able to understand them at a glance and make an excellent decision that most suitable of individual demand.


Strict information and communication security system

亞太電信在2011年通過「ISO27001 國際資訊安全管理系統」暨「NCC ISO27011 增項稽核」兩項驗證

Asia Pacific passed "ISO27001 Information security management system (ISMS)" and "NCC ISO27011 additional auditing" certifications in 2011, in the areas of maintenance and management of mobile communication network facility, value-added service facility and IT operation facility. Asia Pacific is the first Type I telecommunication company in Taiwan to pass "NCC ISO27011 additional auditing" certification at both mobile and fixed networks. These security measures for customer data and info-communication have achieved international standard.


Intimate Care Service

Asia Pacific cooperates with National Police Agency in the prevention of fraud by providing the "165" anti-fraud hotline to customers, enabling them to receive advice or report crime immediately. In addition, Asia Pacific also cooperates with Soil and Water Conservation Bureau in the provision of information about mudslide and disaster prevention.

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