Environmental Sustainability


Asia Pacific establishes base station in Green Technology


Facility and procurement with green

Preserving the precious natural and land resources in Taiwan is one of major intentions of Asia Pacific. Different from others, Asia Pacific chooses the superior system- CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) which is with higher cost.

The CDMA system employs advanced Spread Spectrum communication technology which greatly reduces interference and enhances the signal quality and security. Compared to other systems with the same capacity, the base station takes up less space than GSM. Asia Pacific adopted 800MHz low-spectrum frequency band with wider range coverage, therefore the number of base stations required is roughly one third of that of other providers. The characteristics of this technology has provided much help to the over developed nature environment and densely populated areas of Taiwan, and reduce much unnecessary environmental damage in advance.

Asia Pacific also embraces the concepts of environmental protection and energy conservation in its procurement policy, to implement the intention of "Green" when the CDMA technology was selected. The efforts have been widely acclaimed by supervising agencies, and have been honored with "Awards for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Green Procurement by Private Enterprises" by Taipei City Government since 2009, for 4 consecutive years.

Green products and marketing
Asia Pacific has firmly committed to developing green product and implementing green marketing. This not only targets "Paperless" but also helps and motivates consumer to do a contribution to environmental protection. Notable examples, such as Bluetooth advertising, Book (e-book), provision of marketing and owner manual on the official website and online service process, all towards the target of production and service with paperless. In the aspect of packaging, supplier has been prescribed to reduce the size and to select Eco-friendly materials. Also, a value-added service, "Fun map", has been offered to consumer. This not only gives consumer with travel route planning, reduce fuel consumption, also assist consumer in the calculation of CO2 emission for the reference of carbon emission cut and environmental protection.

In addition, Asia Pacific also develops the creative technologies, such as logistics network and cloud service. This includes the development of smart gas meter and cloud business card, to help consumer achieve the goal of energy conservation, carbon emission cut and an Eco-friendly lifestyle.。

Recycling and disposal of e-waste

In the aspects of waste equipment and material, Asia Pacific has carefully selected and entrusted professional recycling business to dispose the waste materials, such as copper cable, optical fiber cable and terminal equipment, etc. Meanwhile, Asia Pacific also fully cooperates with Environmental Protection Administration in the recycling and disposal of e-waste, such as mobile phone and its accessories, phone battery and normal battery, etc.

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