Empowering Employees to be Successful



"Asia Pacific and I", e-newsletter bimonthly issued to staff, promotes the exchange of opinion and experience between management and staff. A regularly, quarterly based labor-management meeting is also held for two-way communication purpose.

In addition, "Website for Sharing Opinions" and "Chairman Mailbox" have been established, so as to offer the smooth and diverse expression channels for employees.



Professional courses are available for all levels of rookie, regular employee and executive. Subsidies are also provided for advanced training, so as to encourage staffs to pursue personal advancement based on their specific needs.

Asia-Pacific invested over NT$ 4 million in job training in 2012, offering 239 courses with total 33,700 hours



The "Asia-Pacific Telecommunication Employee Welfare Committee" was established in 2011, to institutionalize and implement staff welfare measures.


Healthy workplace

The "labor safety and health office" was established in 2011 to maintain the safety within work environment. In 2011 and 2012, it received the "Certification Marks for Healthy Workplace Promotion Initiatives" and the "Promotion by the Health Promotion Administration" certified by Ministry of Health and Welfare respectively.

A bright, warm, and comfortable breastfeeding room was established by Asia Pacific to allow staffs to nurse the next generation with comfort and ease. It was awarded the "First-rate Breastfeeding Facilities" certified by Department of Health of Taipei City Government.

Empowering Employees

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