Our approach


Preserving the precious natural land resources in Taiwan is one of the major concerns of Asia Pacific while it comes to base stations. Different from others, Asia Pacific would rather to adopt CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) system than other systems even though the cost is higher. The CDMA system employs advanced Spread Spectrum communication technology which greatly reduces interference and enhances the signal quality and security. Compared to other systems with the same capacity, the base station takes up less space than GSM. Asia Pacific adopts 800MHz low-spectrum frequency so the number of base stations required is comparatively less than that adopted WCDMA system of 2.1GHz high frequency band. Furthermore, the radiant power between CDMA base station and handset is lower than that of GSM system. By doing these, we greatly reduce the electromagnetic wave that concerns the general public these days. All the aforementioned factors make CDMA crowned the reputation of "Green Telecommunication Infrastructure".

Asia Pacific has firmly committed to developing green product and implementing green marketing. This not only targets "Paperless" but also helps and motivates consumer to do a contribution to environmental protection. The efforts have been widely acclaimed by supervising agencies, and have been honored with "Awards for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Green Procurement by Private Enterprises" by Taipei City Government since 2009, for 4 consecutive years.

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