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Asia Pacific lightens up lives
Participates in the event held for the people with spinal cord injury and plays a promoter in the successful charity fundraising campaign

Announcement date: June 4, 2013

Asia Pacific participated in 14th "Lighten up people's lives" event organized by the Development Center for the Spinal Cord Injured on May 18. Up to 100 stalls were setup by businesses and private groups. 90% of the charity sales proceeds from that day were donated to the organizer, while the remaining 10% were donated to the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross in Taitung. Asia Pacific has been participating in this event annually since 2010. Around 20 unnamed enthusiastic colleagues and their families participated in this event voluntarily this year. Besides the donation of around NT$ 20,000 from the charity sales, the enthusiastic colleagues also purchased over NT$20,000 worth of charity products, showing concern and support in practical actions to minority groups.

The Development Center for the Spinal Cord Injured was established in 1992 to assist people with spinal cord injury in leading an independent life. Job consulting services are also provided to help them rebuild their lives and reintegrate themselves back into society. Due to the nature of providing free counseling and assistance, the Center is under the condition of lack of funds. The Center hopes to take advantage of this event to gain public exposure, arouse the compassion of society and accumulate more resources. To manifest the spirit of compassion, Asia Pacific not only pre-ordered biscuit roll and organic cookie made by "Gaofei Sheltered Workshop" and "Jixian Sheltered Workshop" and sold them at the event, also promoted employee to purchase charity product before the event holding, thereby offering help to the Center as well as two sheltered workshops.

The event lasted from 10 am to 4 pm. As the enthusiasm of Asia Pacific volunteers, all biscuit rolls and organic cookies were cleared soon by noon. The volunteers then proceeded to help other stalls in selling their products with unabated passion, providing a delightful conversation topic for other participants in the process. The participating colleagues have expressed their willingness to participate in similar event in the future to help people in need. With the passion to embraces the spirit of social responsibility, Asia Pacific will continue to participate progressively and make contribution to social welfare in the future. Through active contribution and staff participation, we will continue to bring light and passion into people's lives.

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