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Asia Pacific embraces a spirit of compassion
Visits Jixian Sheltered Workshop and purchases natural product as a reward for staff.

Announcement date: May 10, 2013

Asia Pacific keeps continuous effort on social welfare with a spirit of love and sharing. April 19, jointed with Asia Pacific Telecom Staff Union to visit Jixian Sheltered Workshop in Luzhou, New Taipei City and also purchased charity products. The products were presented as Labor Day gifts to reward the effort from staffs, also to fulfill the corporate social responsibility of taking care of employees and showing concern to minority groups.

Jixian Sheltered Workshop locates in Luzhou, New Taipei City, and it produces 60 different kinds of cookies, jams and noodles. All products are completely natural without any chemical additives. The workshop employs the workers with mental and physical disabilities. Mentally and physically challenged children get to receive appropriate training and support in this facility, and learn how to rely on their own ability to make a living. During their work, they also get to learn how to get along with others, thereby increasing their own self-esteem and sense of self-worth. As special attention is needed for the diet of people with mental and physical disabilities, therefore the products produced and packaged by the workshop only employ natural ingredients without the addition of artificial sweeteners or flavoring. The workshop insists on the production of natural and safe foods, which also matches with the commitment from Asia Pacific, "Making Better Changes".

In the course of visit, Asia Pacific staffs actually experienced the production process that looks simple, such as weighing and packaging. Staffs, who were exposed to these processes for the first time, found that the tasks were really hard to accomplish. This has in turn led to a greater level of respect to the workers who are able to overcome their disabilities and package the products with great efficiency. Although these children are considered as disadvantaged in the views of common society, but everyone in this visit is touched by the belief they have for themselves, their perseverance and dedication to their work. Their mental strength is seemingly stronger than that of many other people and is comparable to Asia Pacific's pursuit of perfection and determination, to face all challenges and strive for breakthrough in any situation bravely.

Recent years, Asia Pacific has dedicated itself to provide assistance to minority groups continuously. This assistance ranges from supporting the work-study program hosted by National Youth Commission (NYC) in financing students from disadvantaged families, providing sponsorship to the science camp event for the children in remote areas and contributing the "Lighten up people's lives" Campaign organized by Chinatrust to help school children in remote areas. Charity product purchased and presented as Labor Day gift to all employees not only provides them with natural and eco-friendly food items, but also excites a power of care for minority groups within their minds.

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