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The 28th "Lighten up People's Lives" event, sponsored by Asia Pacific, ends with great success 59020 Toll free mobile donation service, a million SMS encouraging donations for the purpose of assisting minority groups.

Announcement date: March 28, 2013

28th "Lighten up People's Lives Charity Fundraising Event" sponsored by Asia Pacific ended with great success on March 11, 2013. During the event, Asia Pacific offered the "59020" toll free mobile donating service to its users. The users were able to make donations via their mobile phones by direct connecting 59020. All call charges and processing fees were bore by Asia Pacific. In addition, Asia Pacific also sent a million SMS out to remind and notify users of event content and motivate users to make a joint effort in helping minority groups. Furthermore, after all the donations were tallied, Asia Pacific added an additional 1% of the amount to total donations as a special contribution with its users to help disadvantaged children in remote areas, for improving their quality of life and giving them the hope of bright future. "This is the second time Asia Pacific to participate in this charity event and thanks the users with love and willing to dedicate. It makes our society a warmer place to be and helps disadvantaged children growing up in a spirit of gratitude, which in turn is essential for a society to grow harmoniously", said Ms. Sophia Chiu, Asia Pacific Chairman.

Last December, Asia Pacific was honored with the "Fifth Excellence Award for Outstanding Commercial Service Businesses in Taiwan" by Ministry of Economic Affairs for the company's perseverance in times of adversity, an inspiring corporate growth and development process as well as an active commitment to social responsibility. Asia Pacific firmly believes "Whatever you take from the society; use them for the society". Therefore, we should return vitality back to the society with the performance we have practiced and pay sincere care to the society with our empathy. We therefore support the work-study program hosted by NYC in financing students from disadvantaged families, provides sponsorship to the science camp event for the children in remote areas and contributes to the "Lighten Up People's lives" Charity Fundraising Campaign, so as to help the children in remote areas. Asia Pacific always walks along the way consistently. Asia Pacific promises that, we will continue to pay attention to and support the minority groups with actual action to bring them hope, and help them conquer hardship, going ahead to catch the unlimited possibilities in the future.

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