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Asia Pacific cancels the year-end banquet, transferring it into welfare activity
Supports the children in Child Welfare Center in Taipei, fulfilling the social responsibility of business

Announcement date: February 5, 2013

In a time of economic recession, minority groups often face budget and monetary difficulties at the end of the year. Embracing a spirit of love and sharing, Asia Pacific replaced the year-end banquet with a welfare activity for the first time and had a joyful time with children in Child Welfare Center in Taipei. Teaching the children magic tricks and donating NT$200,000 to the center, we hope that during this time of economic recession, children could still feel the warmth of caring and concern.

The high unemployment rate caused by the economic recession led a decrease in fundraising for all children's homes. However, the number of children that needs help continues to increase. Asia Pacific has always considered itself a corporate citizen in the society and Ms. Sophia Chiu, the Chairman of Asia Pacific, believes that making contribution brings happiness. This year's banquet was therefore held in form of a welfare activity. Besides allocating part of the budget for staff dinners, more than half of the available funds will be used for different purposes in 2013, such as to support minority groups or individuals, fulfill the social responsibility or assist minority groups obtaining more social resources.

During the visit to Child Welfare Center in Taipei, lucky cat, the mascot of Asia Pacific, led the singing activities, created an exciting atmosphere and handed out red packets to every participating child. A magician was invited to put on a show and the children were taught magic tricks. They were then encouraged to perform the tricks learned on stage. The response was very enthusiastic and even the director and section chief of the center participated in the activity. All participants spent a fun-packed afternoon.

Recent years, Asia Pacific has dedicated itself to provide assistance to minority groups continuously. This assistance ranges from supporting the work-study program hosted by National Youth Commission in financing students from disadvantaged families, providing sponsorship to the science camp event for children in remote areas and contributing the "Lighten up people's lives" Campaign organized by Chinatrust, to help school children in remote areas without any interruption. In our effort to fulfill social responsibility of corporate citizen, Asia Pacific will continue to participate in social welfare progressively in the future and provide financial assistance to minority groups.


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