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Asia Pacific adopts "Making Better Changes" as our philosophy and "Sincerest Service" as our motto. We offer users with high-quality product and service to satisfy their needs of pursuing the best, by means of international certified information security, exceptional communication quality and innovative service/product; in addition, we also continuously improve our service quality by analyzing customers' inbound inquiries and offer 7-days-a-week service hotline to all customers in order to fulfill our commitment to them.

Asia Pacific customer service teams are set up in Taipei and Taoyuan, and the members have gotten the seniority of average 6.6 years. There are 3 sessions for the training of customer service members: Newcomer, Baby Team and On-the-Job Training (OJT). Before engaging into customer service, the customer service member newly employed must be covered with 200 hours (approximately 5 weeks) of professional training. The training courses cover the ranges from accounting, system operation, product service, dialogue skill to troubleshooting and etc. The training is also supplemented by On-line information, so as to strengthen what the member has learnt and to build the basic ability to service customer. All these training will enable customer to be offered with speedy and accuracy information as well as service.

After Newcomer session, the member will be moved to front line practice for an estimated period of 2 months. The member will start its customer service under the help coming from the senior, and it will be supported by the senior if any trouble is met. After actual practice experience, the member will be given another 40 hours of intensive training. During the course, the trouble experienced during last front line practice will be discussed more in-depth. In addition, previous lesson learnt will also be reinforced. This is done to make the member understanding whole service more completely and apply what it has learnt on customer service perfectly.

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