Duties of Various Departments

Organization of Business
Break down of duties and responsibilities
Secretariat of the Board
  1. Preparation and convening of board meeting and subordinate committee
  2. Preparation and convening of shareholder meeting
  3. Provision of information for shareholder and handling of stock related affair
Auditing Office
  1. Review of corporate finance, business operation and accounting matter, as well as compilation of audit report on a regular basis
  2. Assessment , revision recommendation and review of internal control system and rule/regulation, as well as assessment of the implementation performance of internal control in individual department
  3. Formulation and implementation of internal audit plan, and review of report
  4. Supervision, review and tracking of independent review of internal control system by individual unit
  5. Monitoring of bidding, price comparison, negotiation, tender award, verification and acceptance procedure, as well as handling of complaint during the procurement process
  6. Supervision of the auditing procedure for outlet and business premise
  7. Supervision, evaluation, management and training of internal auditing personnel
  8. Online reporting to supervising agency as required by relevant law and regulation
  9. Organization of auditing project assigned by Board, Chairman, Supervisors or General Manager
Operation Strategy and Management Division
  1. Plan and analysis of short, mid to long terms business strategy
  2. Analysis, management, improvement and recommendation of business performance
  3. Business management
    • Sales and logistics management
    • Collection management
    • Risk management
    • Review of operating system
Enterprise & International Business Center
  1. Management of the sale of government ICT service and bidding operation
  2. Management of corporate ICT service
  3. Management of ICT services for same sector businesses (Type I & II  Telecommunications)
  4. Management of international ICT service
  5. Management of direct government and enterprise sales
Consumer & Residential Solutions Business Center
  1. Management of individual ICT service
  2. Management of family ICT service
  3. Management of franchise and dealership channels
  4. Management of direct retail store
  5. Management of contract renewal and prevention of contract termination
Marketing center
  1. Management of brand and media resources
  2. Marketing management
  3. Management of integrated product marketing
  4. Management of end-user resource
  5. Management of customer service resource
  6. Management of E-commerce platform
 Technology Center
  1. Design, planning, installation and optimization of core network, including switch and access network, transmission network, data transmission network, Internet, various mechanical and air-conditioning installations and facility operations.
  2. Establishment of network, management of maintenance and optimization
  3. Planning, implementation and management of key public and side construction projects
  4. Telecommunication regulatory, including system examination and inspection, account capacity expansion application and handling of the matter required by law and regulation
  5. Certification and testing of terminal and network facilities, establishment, testing and maintenance of value-added service platform, and planning, certification and troubleshooting of international roaming.
  6. Setting of specification for terminal facility, development, certification and adoption of new network technology
  7. Monitoring and troubleshooting of network, analysis of traffic and quality, development of related network management system, and handling of malfunction report by customer
  8. System development and maintenance management of various telecommunication products and value-added services
  9. Management and monitoring  of information data center
Information Technology Center
  1. Development, management and maintenance of operating system
  2. Development, management and maintenance of account and information management systems
  3. Monitoring, management and maintenance of office automation system
  4. Management of information facility
  5. Monitoring, management and maintenance of IS hardware facility
  6. Introduction of communication security and personal information protection standard, and implementation of company policy
General Affairs and Procurement Division
  1. Management and implementation of administration matters
  2. Management of office and public facilities
  3. Management and implementation of general affair and security
  4. Management of material and equipment
  5. Management of asset retirement and value assessment
  6. Handling of official document and seal
  7. Management and implementation of administrative procurement and contracting of project
  8. Management and implementation of all types of procurements related to engineering project, facility, terminal, general affair and etc.
  9. Management of procurement contract, contracting agreement and supplier
  10. Major and project-based procurement
  11. Annual evaluation of supplier
Finance center
  1. Control of capital dispatching and efficient usage of idle funds
  2. Planning of fund-raising and maintenance of investment relationship
  3. Management of A/P payment, A/R receipt, bank account and securities
  4. Preparation of financial report and analytical statement for management purpose, and preparation and control of annual budget
  5. Handling of accounting transaction and tax-related matters
  6. Management of contract and compliance with tax-related regulation
  7. Verification of telecommunication bill and charge for business related to POI (point of interconnection)
  8. Compliance with internal control system
  9. Compliance with regulations (applicable) for public company
Regulatory and Quality Assurance Division
  1. Collection and analysis of information about domestic and international telecommunication regulations, and the actual operations of telecommunication providers.
  2. Update, revised recommendation and external negotiation of the Telecommunication Act and related laws/regulation
  3. Implementation of supervision matters of superior agency regarding telecommunication operation and provision of a window for negotiation
  4. Public relations among telecommunication businesses (network connection agreement/dispute resolution)
  5. Provision of information about telecommunication related laws for all internal units
  6. Quality audit of routine business operations (network, activation, account, customer service)
  7. Suggestions for improvement of business process
  8. Management of document related to Norm/BP/SOP
  9. Acceptance of project /facility and review of the charge and billing
Human Resources Division
  1. Formulation and management of personnel regulations
  2. Planning, implementation, and management of recruitment operations
  3. Planning and management of the remuneration system
  4. Management of employee incentives, turnover, and resignations
  5. Employee training and assistance in career planning
  6. Management of organizational duties and employee job responsibilities
  7. Planning and promotion of employee benefit systems
  8. Handling of labor-management relations
  9. Planning and management of staff performance appraisals
Public Relations Department
  1. Maintain media relations
  1. Special case of Customer complaint
  2. Affairs related to Legislative Yuan
  3. Internal corporate website and e-publication
  4. Corporate social responsibility
  5. Assistance in the handling of TTIDA & CFCT affairs
  6. Assistance in corporate governance-related affairs
Labor Safety &Health Office
  1. Implementation of safety and health self-management program.
  2. Implementation of labor safety and health training
  3. Implementation of work environment assessments and adoption of appropriate measure to cope with the result
  4. Implementation of health check, health management and health promotion
  5. Discussion and response to various safety and health proposals
  6. Promotion of self-inspection and safety / health audits
  7. Promotion of precaution to prevent the danger caused from mechanical equipment, facility, raw material or substance
  8. Investigation, report, statistical and analysis of occupational accident
  9. Performance check of field safety and health management
  10. Promotion of safety and health management of contracted operation
  11. Prevention and first aid of occupational and general injuries or illnesses
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