Introduction to APT


Asia Pacific Telecom (Hereinafter referred as Asia Pacific)

Asia Pacific, founded in 2000, was formed by the parent company, Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom Co., Ltd. (originally named Eastern Broadband Telecommunications Co., Ltd) consolidating the subsidiaries, "Asia Pacific Mobile Broadband" and "Asia Pacific Online Service" respectively in 2007 and 2011, so as to make the ultimate goal of integration of three major broadband businesses, Broadband Fixed Lines, Broadband Wireless and Broadband Internet achieved, also Fixed Mobile Conversion (FMC) Strategy implemented concretely. Meanwhile, Asia Pacific enhances its operation performance and business competitiveness aggressively by means of three core competitive strengths, i.e. integration, innovation and speed.

Asia Pacific adopts the business concept of offering quality and affordable telecommunication services. Over years, the image of affordable solutions, such as "APT Mobile Network In-Net Voice for Free", "Buy Data, Plus Voice for Free" and "Both Mobile Data and Talks are substantial", etc. have been well known and praised widely among consumers, and set the win-win paragon for both business and consumer.

Stepping into this new era of digital convergence, Asia Pacific will continue to practice the business commitment, "Making Better Changes", to construct Next Generation Networks (NGN) and High-Speed Mobile Data Network System, integrate mobile, fixed line, Internet and IOT, and provide four-in-one of full IP-based integrated broadband services (voice, data, video and mobile) progressively. All above mentioned efforts are used to construct a versatile next-generation communication network, for fulfilling the expectation and demand from all kinds of consumers in various aspects of telecommunication service.

Operating principles

  • Asia Pacific has integrated Fixed and Mobile Communication Services, Internet and Digital Content, and combined them with mobile transmission and wireless communication technology, to provide individual and business users with complete telecommunication product and value-added application service.
  • By connecting with the satellite communication service and global ocean floor cable network which international telecommunication groups provided, Asia Pacific is able to offer global communications without boundaries.
  • Constructing 3G Mobile Network all around Taiwan and 98.7% of penetration has been achieved.
  • Exclusively use the Optical Fiber Network which Taiwan Railways Administration (MOTC) offered as the backbone network in Taiwan.
  • Introduce BREW value-added platform into mobile communication, to provide consumer with more diversified value-added service.
  • Take the lead to provide ELL&VDSL ultra-high frequency data network services in major metropolitans in Taiwan, enabling individual and business users all enjoy with high transmission speed of Internet connection.
  • Provide guaranteed stable and efficient connection and transmission by means of automated Network Operations Center (NOC) with 24-hour all year around.
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